3 Important Amazon Performance Indicators to Understand

Understanding how Amazon's Marketplace works

The first step is to understand how Amazon's algorithm works to rank and present your products. Many factors come into play, such as the number of media used and the quality of your product and brand content.

To illustrate these performance indicators on Amazon, let's take the example of Honey Holly bottles.

Find this product here: https: //www.amazon.fr/dp/B07QKRM1YK/

We will assume that you have already optimized your product page with :

  • Beautiful images
  • A demonstration video
  • A 70-character designation
  • Accurate and attractive bullet points
  • Enriched product content such as EBC or A+ content if your account is capable of doing so.

3 important indicators of the Amazon Marketplace

Let's just focus on the figures that give you a better idea of the sales potential of your products.


The BSR, Best-Seller Rank in English, defines your ranking in a category, a sub-category and sometimes a sub-sub-category. It is attributed according to your history and your sales performance. This BSR is defined by Amazon according to qualitative criteria such as those below, and quantitative criteria such as those below.

For example, if we take our HoneyHolly bottle, we have the following information:

Subcategory of sales

This product is therefore extremely well ranked in the parent category and in the sub-category.

TIPS INFO : If you want to know the approximate sales volume on this product with an accuracy of +/- 10%, we recommend the Jungle Scout tool here: https: //www.junglescout.com/t/sales-estimator-v1/


If we do the test for our product we have: 810 sales per month. That is to say 744 sales multiplied by the average selling price of 17.82 €, i.e. a monthly turnover on Amazon.fr of approximately 13.3 K € on this product and its variations.

In order to get this BSR down, it is therefore necessary to check :

  • That your product is in stock and available
  • That it benefits from the Prime programme
  • That it has impeccable content.

This can start the snowball rolling, which will create sales and therefore lower your BSR significantly.

2- Number and quality of Reviews

Another important indicator is the number of reviews of your products.

This topic is widely discussed and illegal practices are common and widespread as this article for example talks about. We see a lot of Facebook pages or groups for example that offer cash back via Paypal or other means to encourage people to buy the product and leave a positive review on it.

Fake review

At ,Sellingz we do not condone these practices and we advise our clients against them.

Our goal is to encourage your customers to leave you reviews while complying with Amazon's T&C.

Commercial reminders or requests for reviews in return for payment are strictly forbidden.

These practices are condemned by Amazon, which does not hesitate to remove all suspicious reviews on products, sometimes even genuine reviews that they consider fake.

A lot of reviews is good, but the important thing is that your products have more than 4 stars.

4 stars is the product quality threshold defined by Amazon.

As a result, Amazon is launching 4-Star Stores, which are physical shops that only carry products with 4 stars. Also, when you see a physical advertisement in print or on TV, the products shown will only be those with 4 stars and no less. Finally, if you go to Amazon's homepage, all the products presented will have a minimum of 4 stars! Take the test!

If we return to the example of the water bottle, the reviews are numerous and of very high quality and include images of the product unpacked and in use:

3- Seller account quality

The last indicator presented in this article is an indicator related to the account of the seller of the product and not the product itself.

Indeed, you will never have an efficient product on Amazon if you are not able to ensure impeccable customer service, delivery and stock supply.

This indicator will follow you over the long term, no matter what products you sell, so make sure you deliver to your customer correctly and have regular supplies if you use Amazon warehouses to store and ship your products.

As for the account of our gourd seller, its account is of very high quality since it shows 100% positive evaluation over the last 12 months.

Youri - Amazon HoneyHolly seller

TIPS INFO : To access a seller's information on Amazon, select a product and click on the seller's name below the Buy Box:

If you thought the Chinese only shipped low quality products in 3 weeks, you're wrong, HoneyHolly is Chinese and its bottles will be delivered in 24 hours thanks to Amazon

In conclusion, there are many other important indicators but we would have to write a book to explain them all to you. By mastering the points in this article, you have a serious advantage to increase your sales on Amazon by reducing your BSR.

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