Amazon Vendor Central Europe - How did Sellingz allow Compressport to develop its turnover?

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From stagnant sales to total control of the product catalogue on Amazon Vendor Central Europe, discover how Sellingz has enabled Compressport to double its turnover in the space of a year.

The client's problems

1-The Amazon Vendor Central Europe account

Compressport has neither the resources nor the time to optimise its Amazon Vendor Central account.


  • Stagnant sales.
  • Growth at half mast.

2-Product catalogue management

Some of the product sheets optimised for natural referencing are regularly modified by the Amazon marketplace algorithm.


  • Some products are no longer promoted by Amazon.
  • The consumer experience loses quality.

3-Changing collections

As Amazon's product orders are automatic and based on products that sell, the algorithm only buys old Compressport products, not new ones.


  • Compressport does not sell any more because of the unavailability of the ordered products because they have been discontinued.
  • Compressport is not able to replace its end of collection with new ones.
  • The brand is losing visibility and sales are stagnating.

The solutions proposed by Sellingz

To better understand the origin of the problems encountered by Compressport, Sellingz conducted an audit of its Amazon Vendor Central Europe account.

This analysis enabled the Sellingz teams to issue a list of recommendations and to establish a business, marketing and logistics action plan to optimise the brand's Amazon seller account.

Action n°1: support Sellingz on the Amazon Vendor Central Europe account

Compressport has entrusted our teams with the daily management of its Amazon Vendor Central account.

Our operational support thus made it possible to ensure :

  • Regular updating of the brand account.
  • Monitoring the evolution of sales.
  • Amazon order intake control.
  • A mastery of penalty management.

The client receives and is presented with a monthly report from Sellingz which includes:

  • Actions taken.
  • The results obtained.
  • Actions to be taken in the future.


  • An up-to-date Amazon seller account.
  • A credible and consistent brand image across all Amazon locations in Europe.
  • Amazon's promotion of the brand's products.
  • Improvement in P&L due to the reimbursement of penalties levied by Amazon.

Action n°2: implementation of a media plan (Amazon Sponsored Advertising)

In order to make the products of the new collection visible, it was decided to launch media campaigns to promote the new products that the Amazon platform was not ordering.

Sellingz was responsible for creating and managing the advertising campaigns for Compressport's Amazon Vendor Central Europe account. Our teams created Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns to drive traffic to the new product listings and start selling the new collection.

We also monitored and optimised the media plan according to the seasonality of the products and within the Amazon Sponsored Ads budget allocated by the brand.


  • The purchase of relevant keywords made it possible to highlight products from the new collection that were not sufficiently visible.
  • Traffic on the new collection products has improved, sell-out sales have increased leading to Amazon orders on the new products.

Action 3: Marketing and product catalogue management

Our teams have set up a tracking system on the product sheets and certain strategic Kpis in order to follow the evolution of the positioning of products in the Amazon search results.

This daily monitoring allowed us to know when a product sheet needed to be re-uploaded or reworked each time its content was set aside by the Amazon algorithm in favour of new products put online by third-party resellers.


  • Optimisation, monitoring and regular updating of the content of the Compressport product sheets.
  • Products that stand out better in Amazon results despite the platform's algorithm changes.
Graph showing the sales evolution of a Compressport product on Amazon Vendor Central Europe.

From 10-20 monthly sales, the brand's flagship product went from 80 sales per month in 2 months to 200-250 sales per month after 8 months of catalogue management. 

Results at N+1

Only a few months after the first actions were implemented by Sellingz, the brand's sell-out sales started to increase significantly.

The intervention of our experts enabled the client to :

  • Save time in managing your Amazon Vendor Central Europe account and strengthen your brand image.
  • Unlocking the problems of optimising the product catalogue and highlighting the products of its new collections.
  • Receive ongoing advice on how to improve your sales on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Improve its P&L by recovering chargebacks, shortages and other penalties charged by Amazon.
graph showing the evolution of advertising investment on Amazon Vendor Central Europe.

The work carried out regularly throughout the year on optimising campaigns has made it possible toincrease the profitability of end-of-yearadvertising (Black Friday, Cyber Monday), while maintaining a high volume of sales during this particularly costly period in terms of promotions on the web and marketplaces.