Automation of tasks and processes

Understand tasks and processes well before automating them in order to develop better.

Marketplaces, thanks to their technicalities and the tools available, allow the automation of many tasks and operations. We help you to implement them.


In all the processes involved in marketing your products on marketplaces, it is important to understand who does what and why. Once this step is mastered, it is possible to automate certain tasks in order to dedicate time to what is most important.

This service is part of the " Sustaining your success " process

automation of tasks on marketplaces with the agency sellingz



Audit and action plan

Automation is good, but it is not necessary to reinvent the organisation of the company for this purpose. Indeed, it is important to first understand what is being done and with which tools in order to better adapt to the existing situation. We then carry out a study enabling us to assess the automation opportunities and your needs.


Once the tools and processes have been identified and validated, we support you in the deployment of these automations and their integrations and we carry out all the necessary tests to validate their correct operation.


Because marketplaces' processes change a lot and often, we adapt previously deployed automations to match your needs as closely as possible, at all times.

What are the benefits for your brand?

  • Save time on operational tasks and reporting
  • Enable its teams to increase their skills thanks to the tools
  • Adapt and improve existing tools and processes
  • To guarantee an automated operation adapted to its organisation

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