Market intelligence & Forward planning

Understand, anticipate and measure your objectives on marketplaces.

There is a wealth of data on marketplaces that allows a brand to accurately plan and understand its future sales and the strategies and actions of its market and competition.


Sales forecasting and market knowledge are important assets for brands. It allows them to better anticipate and understand what is happening in order to make the right decisions.

Thanks to their growth and number of sales, these marketplaces are full of data that brands can use to make the right decisions by cross-referencing it with their market knowledge.

This service is part of the " Sustaining your success " process




Definition of indicators

Depending on the objectives, the target markets and the marketplaces, certain indicators will be relevant or not. We identify the questions we want to answer in order to find the right data to help us answer them.

Deployment of tools

We then set up our tools to fetch the data we are interested in from the desired marketplaces.


This data is then checked and analysed in order to be able to clearly and precisely answer the questions and expectations defined at the beginning of the project.


We then formalise deliverables that allow you to understand the methodology, carry it over internally and use it later if necessary.

What are the benefits for your brand?

  • Anticipate and qualify your objectives on marketplaces
  • Cross-reference market and product knowledge with data on marketplaces
  • Improve its knowledge of what its competitors are doing on marketplaces
  • Sharpen your vision and make the right decisions

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