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We can help you to make yourself known in new markets, qualify the demand and potential, and industrialise the management of these platforms within your organisation.

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How can advertising help me understand my consumers?

Advertising allows you to know a lot about how people search and buy your products on marketplaces. This data is then used to create a funnel that will target only your target prospects at the right time and place.

What data is available to determine my potential on marketplaces?

Today, we can know a lot about your products and those of your competitors.

Among these indicators we have access to :

  • To sales in volume and value
  • Market shares in defined segments
  • Resellers of your products
  • At median prices in defined segments
How can I automate the tasks that take my teams so long to complete each day/week?

The industrialisation of tasks and operations related to marketplaces is a real issue that needs to be thought through.

  1. Build your project team internally
  2. Define the most time-consuming tasks
  3. Combine it with the ideal process
  4. Challenge your teams on this process and how to improve it

With a few working meetings, you will already be able to judge the importance of this automation for your teams and to call on the target skills externally if necessary.

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