Amazon Vendor - How does data help brands (re)take control?

How Hydrapak regained control of its brand on Amazon Vendor Central

One year was enough for the Hydrapak brand to (re)take over Amazon in Europe as an Amazon Vendor.

Judge for yourself: between January and December 2021, the brand grew by +53% in value and +61% in volume (Sell-out) on Amazon Retail, compared to -49% in value and -45% in volume for its third-party retailers.

This development was made possible by an Amazon market audit carried out at the end of 2020 by the experts Sellingz.


A market analysis for an efficient Amazon Vendor strategy

At the end of 2020, the Hydrapak brand asked us about its commercial potential on Amazon Retail (1P). Already indirectly present on Amazon through marketplaces (3P), it wishes to regain control of its sales.

We then propose to carry out a market study to :

  • To have a clear vision of how your brand is distributed on Amazon (products sold, by which means, at what price, the margin achieved, the volume, etc.).
  • See what competing brands in Europe are doing on Amazon in Vendor and Seller formats (what works, what doesn't, products sold, results, trends).

Amazon Marketplace Audit by Sellingz

The audit carried out by Sellingz aims to understand :

  • What is happening in the market where the Hydrapak brand operates.
  • What third party resellers do on Amazon.
  • How its main competitors are positioned.

Preparing for the Amazon audit

To prepare for the audit, we meet with Hydrapak for a kick-off meeting that will help us to have a clear idea of the objectives and results that the brand expects from the audit.

This first kick-off meeting helps us to define :

  • On which elements and data Hydrapak's final decision will be based.
  • The relevant Kpis indicators to be analysed.
  • How our experts will use the data (interpretation of the data collected, conclusions to be drawn).
  • The type of recommendations we will make to Hydrapak for the implementation of an effective Amazon sales strategy.

The process

Armed with all this information, Sellingz sets up various business intelligence tools to gather data on :

  • The categories of products sold in and out of distribution(sell-in - sell-out).
  • The sales and distribution methods of competing brands.
  • The best-selling product categories and their upward or downward trend by country.

Once the data has been collected, we assemble and analyse it as a whole to get a global view of the market.

This gives us an understanding of how certain brands control the marketing of their products on Amazon by product category, price and country.

What the data tells us about

Distribution methods of competing brands
Graph of Amazon Vendor audit results showing a high share of sales by Amazon 1P
Half of Brand B* sales are through Amazon 1P
Graph of Amazon Vendor audit results showing strong sales growth by Amazon 3P
Brand A*'s 1P sales are declining while 3P sales are accelerating, suggesting that the brand is reducing its vendor presence in this product category.
Graph showing Amazon Vendor audit results indicating a brand takeover of its sales on Amazon.
Brand C* is controlling its sales on Amazon and showing strong growth. So the brand has taken matters into its own hands.
Hydrapak's market share per country compared to its competitors
Amazon Vendor audit results table showing the sales trend on Amazon France for a given product.
In France
Amazon Vendor audit results table showing the sales trend on Amazon Germany for a given product.
In Germany
Amazon Vendor audit results table showing the sales trend on Amazon Italy for a given product.
In Italy
The trend in sales by product category from one country to another
Amazon Vendor audit results table showing sales trends by product category on Amazon France, Germany and Italy.
The country where the product sells the most.
Amazon Vendor audit results table showing the countries where the brand has an interest in launching.
The country/countries where Hydrapak has an interest in launching.
Relevance of the sales price per country

Conclusions of the Amazon audit

The analysis of the data allows us to carry out simulations with the aim of a specific Amazon Vendor strategy for the Hydrapak brand products.


The experts Sellingz shared with Hydrapak their strategic recommendations on :

  • The products that the brand has an interest in selling in retail.
  • At what price.
  • In which categories.
  • On which European countries.
  • With what strategy.

The Hydrapak brand now has the strategic information to establish a concrete action plan to regain control of its sales on Amazon Europe. It knows how to get started, what results it can achieve and with what budget.

Amazon Vendor results at N+1

Following the Amazon Marketplace Audit carried out by our experts, the Hydrapak brand has been confirmed to be interested in launching actions on Amazon Vendor Central.

In view of the results obtained at N+1, it is clear that the audit Sellingz enabled him to seize a very good opportunity to develop his turnover by taking control of his sales on Amazon Vendor Central.

Hydrapak products are now properly sold by Amazon. From 101 ASINS at the beginning of the year, the brand has grown to 155 ASINS, allowing for a wider and therefore more interesting offer for the end consumer. This has resulted in a substantial increase in reviews and ratings.

Focus on the brand's sales growth on Amazon in 2021

  • Sell-out on Amazon Retail with Hydrapak: +53% in value and +61% in volume.
  • Third party resellers on Amazon: -49% in value and -45% in volume.
  • Number of brand references: +53% with 155 ASINS.
  • Number of reviews on the brand's products: +97%.

*We have deliberately hidden the names of the various brands mentioned for reasons of data confidentiality.

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