How to stand out on marketplaces and avoid price wars? Advice from an Amazon and marketplaces agency!

Introduction : 

The big marketplaces are often generalists, and your products will be found among many others, often cheaper and of lesser quality.

As Amazon Agency, we show you how brands can stand out from the crowd without destroying their images, prices and brand awareness?

In the dynamic world of online commerce, marketplaces such as Amazon have become unavoidable giants, offering a platform for millions of products and billions of transactions.

However, with such intense competition, price wars are generally omnipresent.

How can brands stand out from the crowd without destroying their image, prices and reputation? 

1. Authenticity, Your Secret Weapon :

Your brand has a unique story. Share it with authenticity. Authenticity has become an essential element for brands seeking to differentiate themselves on marketplaces.

As an Amazon Agency, we show you how to share your unique story, by highlighting the real people behind the products and exposing their core values, brands can establish a deep emotional connection with their audience. Yes, even on Amazon!

This connection goes far beyond the simple act of buying, creating long-term loyalty and lasting trust.

A little To-Do from an Amazon and marketplaces agency to show your authenticity: 

Brand story: Take advantage of all the sections available on the platform to share your story in an authentic way. A+, on Amazon, Boost-it on Cdiscount and even directly on your product sheet, use the sections at your disposal to tell your brand's story, highlighting for example:

  • Overcoming challenges
  • Core values
  • The people who make it unique. 

Authentic images and videos: Use authentic images and videos to present your products. Show the faces behind your brand, the manufacturing processes (if possible) and behind the scenes of your company. This will help customers connect with your brand in a more personal way. 

Transparency on Processes and Values: On your product page, include information about your CSR practices and corporate values.

Transparency builds customer trust and reinforces your image of authenticity. 

This authenticity creates a lasting connection, turning your customers into fervent supporters of your brand. Now is the time to be authentic and shine in Amazon's fierce competition. 

2. Exceptional customer service: 

In the hustle and bustle ofAmazon, customer service becomes your silent ambassador.

Be fast, be attentive, and turn every interaction into a memorable experience.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers, and exceptional customer service is often the decisive factor that sets a brand apart from its competitors. By offering a personalized, fast and efficient customer experience, brands can turn occasional buyers into fervent brand advocates. In this way, good customer service becomes not only a source of satisfaction, but also positive publicity for the company. 

A little To-Do from an Amazon and marketplaces agency for quality customer service :

✅ Guaranteed Response Time: Implement a rapid response policy, aiming to answer all customer queries within a specified timeframe, such as 24 hours. 

✅ Ongoing training: Make sure your customer service team is continually trained on products, company policies, and customer service best practices. 

✅ Surprise and delight: Include surprise elements in packages, such as free samples or special offers. These little touches leave a lasting impression. 

Speed, active listening, proactive problem-solving and personalization create satisfied, repeat customers.

Turn tumult into loyalty, because good service is the best advertising. 

3. Innovate your product offerings :

Innovation is an eye-catcher. Think unique features, surprising collaborations or limited editions. Offer something out of the ordinary that gets people talking about your brand. Innovation is not only a competitive advantage, but also an invitation for customers to explore and discover. 

A little To-Do from an Amazon and marketplaces agency to innovate your product offering:  

✅ Develop unique features: Think of features that will make your products memorable. 

✅ Surprising collaborations : Explore unexpected partnerships that can add a new dimension to your catalog. 

✅ Limited Editions: Create special or limited versions to generate excitement among customers. 

Your brand can capture customers' attention and stand out in the sea of options available on Amazon. Innovation isn't just a competitive advantage, it's an invitation to explore and discover that can build customer loyalty. 

In terms of innovation, you can implement an EMS strategy


Ultimately, standing out from the crowd on marketplaces requires a far more sophisticated approach than simply engaging in a price battle. By placing a premium on authenticity, exemplary customer service, product innovation and an active presence on social networks, brands can not only survive, but thrive in this competitive environment with the help of an Amazon and marketplaces agency.

It's the perfect time to re-evaluate your qualitative levers and transform them into quantitative ones! Marketplaces, with their affluence, offer the ideal opportunity to experiment with these initiatives.